What will i learn at flow bjj?

You’ll learn traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques infused with additional grappling and wrestling concepts. With these concepts and techniques you’ll be able to control the pace, tempo, and outcome of a fight.

You’ll learn how to subdue and control an opponent without injury (to either of you).

You’ll learn how to maintain calm and control in a confrontational situation.

You’ll learn how to use leverage and technique to overcome size and strength.

You’ll learn how to use your unique physical attributes to your greatest advantage in any confrontation.

You’ll learn the fundamental grappling positions and how to use your posture and positioning to prevail in a fight.

You’ll learn how to neutralize and engage a skilled striker.

You’ll learn how to safely take a fight to the ground where your training will give you an advantage.

You’ll learn how to control your breathing and pace your energy expenditure to tire out your opponent and create an advantage.

You’ll learn how to survive and protect yourself in a violent encounter or fight.

You’ll learn how to overcome inherent physical disadvantages and maximize your attributes.

You’ll learn how to apply the concept of distance management to any conflict to control the situation to your advantage.