What makes Flow BJJ different?

One of the things that makes Flow BJJ unique is how you’ll learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We use a ‘concept based’ approach to teaching. I don’t program you like a one size fits all video game character, I teach you the underlying principles and concepts of the various techniques.

This deeper understanding leads to you being able to develop more fully as a unique fighter and martial artist. It also frees you and equips you with the tools you’ll need to explore and develop on your own and at your own pace.

You’ll learn the fundamental concepts, principles, and techniques to make you an effective fighter and then the details will all become unique to you and your individual style.

This approach to teaching allows you to break down techniques you see other fighters using, and very quickly you’ll be able to incorporate those things into your own game. (As your level advances.)

You’ll learn techniques at Flow BJJ, but more importantly you’ll learn how to learn, and learn how to think about the concepts that underlie those techniques. In the long run this will make you a much more effective martial artist.

Your training partners at Flow BJJ have your best interest and your advancement as a fighter and martial artist in mind.

Many schools are structured as ‘shark tanks’ or ‘fight factories’ where the strongest and most skilled students dominate over the lower ranks, dishing out regular beatings and hoarding knowledge. While this is very common, it’s not the ideal way to learn a martial art.

To be sure, any student who manages to survive and advance up the ranks in this type of structure will, by nature, be very strong. But many other promising students will quit prematurely due to frustration, lack of development and discouragement. In the end this approach only serves to limit the development of the students at the top as well.

Here at Flow BJJ every student knows that the better they can make you as a training partner, the more you will be able to push them and force them to develop.

Steel sharpens steel.

Students here also understand that teaching is an integral part of learning. By teaching what you have learned, you are able to internalize the information at a much deeper level, again helping you to advance.

In this way, the entire school advances and develops together. We view new students as a valuable resource that helps the entire school to improve, not as fresh meat for the grinder.