Does Flow BJJ teach MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?

While BJJ is a primary component of modern Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA (the kind of cage fighting you see on television and in the UFC) we don’t teach the full spectrum of MMA skills at Flow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. To be a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist you’ll also need to train in a striking art such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, or boxing. You would also benefit from additional training in wrestling.

Your training at Flow BJJ will help you keep you safe in an encounter with any striking fighter or Mixed Martial Artist, but there is a difference between a fight and the sport of MMA.

You would not be ‘cage ready’ with BJJ only training from any school. The rules of modern MMA favor a stand up game and the controlling tactics grapplers use to manage a fight will result in a quick stand up by the referee inside the cage.

This is completely understandable, as the fans in the stands are paying to see brawling, blood and knockouts.

So if you truly want to be a cage fighter, Flow BJJ can take care of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but you will need to train in additional disciplines including a striking art, and wrestling.